Orlin Data System

CMS linkable 2008-2009 Medicare Data Entrepreneur's Synthetic Public Use Files

The CMS Linkable 2008–2010 Medicare Data Entrepreneurs’ Synthetic Public Use File (DE-SynPUF) was designed to create a new type of file that would be useful for data entrepreneurs, for software and application development, and for research training purposes. The files in the DE-SynPUF preserve the detailed data structure of key variables at both the beneficiary and claim levels. All variables in the DE-SynPUF are imputed, suppressed, and coarsened as part of disclosure treatment. As a result, the DE-SynPUF has very limited inferential research utility because of the synthetic process used to generate the data. That is, analyses using the DE-SynPUF to draw inferences about Medicare beneficiaries, providers, or the Medicare program will be misleading and often incorrect.

Integrated Metadata

The system provides rich metadata that is fully full text index and hyperlinked to enable simple and fast browsing and searching.

Fast Tabulations

The system utilizes advanced database technologies to provide fast and easy online frequencies and tabulations.

Online Analysis

The system incorporates the R statistical language in a user-friendly interface to analyze the data; there’s no need to download to do a regression or correlation.

Data Transformation

The system allows the creation of new or recoded variables utilizing a simple, but powerful, online interface.