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Accessing Saved Searches - Overview
Posted by Rob Chidester on 02 July 2014 06:51 PM


Working with Saved Searches


All active saved search(es) are displayed in the list.

What can I do from the SAVED SEARCHES page?

        * You can create a new search (see below).
        * You can edit a saved search (see below).
        * You can generate a report on a search.
        * You can audit a search's activity.

Search admins can create new searches, or modify existing searches.
Search users can view all searches they were granted permission to see.

Use the tagging feature to find a specific search based on category.

Create a new search

Users with search admin permissions can create a new search by clicking the Start new search link in the upper right corner of the Search Archive page.

Edit a saved search

Users with search admin permissions can edit a saved search by clicking the Edit link on the right of a given saved search.

Screenshot - Saved Searches - Create & Edit a search


 accessing saved searches - overview.docx (77.77 KB)

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