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Search views allow you to quickly change between different tag categories to fine-tune the search, review, and export process.

If filters have been created for a specific search, they will also appear in the search views. The same actions (export, comments, etc.) that usually apply to search results can be applied to filtered search results. In addition, the filters created for a specific search can be deleted from the search views page.

If Legal hold have been applied on a specific search, they will also appear in the search views. The same actions (export, comments, etc.) that usually apply to search results can be applied to search results on legal hold.

For each actions that has been successfully performed a green banner is displayed at the top of the search views screen summarizing the action that has been taken.

Accessing tagged or filtered search result sets from the search views page is very easy; click on the hyperlinked name and you will access either All search results, tagged search results, or filtered search results as shown below.

Screenshot - Access search result set


Use export to create a view of all the items in a specific tag category.

    1. Pick the desired result set you want to export: All, Reviewed, Starred, Saved, Attention, Filters, etc
    2. Click on the desired export format: PST/NSF, File (EML), Text, PDF, or HTML.
            - Messages: PST/NSF, File (EML), Text, PDF, or HTML.
            - Files: native format (depending on the file: word, excel, powerpoint, etc).
    3. (OPTIONAL) Include a note/comment describing the export.
    4. (OPTIONAL) Choose whether or not to send a notification when the file is ready for download.
    5. Click on Export to start the export process.

Click here to learn more about exports.


Share thoughts with other folks who are working on the search results.

    1. Click on the Add comments hyperlink at the bottom of the page.
    2. Write your comment in the blank box.
    3. Click on the Add Comment button to save your comment.

Once the comment has been saved for an entire search, other users, having access to this search, can view the comments that have been left right below the comment section.

Screenshot - Search-level comment

Screenshot - Saved comment


If you have an installed RSS feed reader, you can use it to monitor comments added to an entire search or to individual messages for specific search results.

    1. Copy the link associated with the Comments feed.
    2. Paste the link to whatever RSS feed reader you use.

This is an authenticated RSS feed, for security reasons, so you will need to use your archive credentials to login and access the RSS feed.

Screenshot - Comments feed link

Screenshot - RSS feed reader example


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