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Posted by Rob Chidester on 02 July 2014 07:10 PM


Working with search results


Search queries return results if the index finds a match. Search results are sorted by date by default, starting with the most recent result first.

What actions can I perform with my search results?

        * You can sort your search results.
        * You can tag your search results.
        * You can review your search results.
        * You comment on your search results.
        * You can filter your search results to narrow them down.
        * You can edit a search and save it as a new search.
        * You can perform other actions on each message such as downloading, previewing attachments, forwarding an email, etc.
        * You can preview and/or download files.
        * You can access your pending exports.



Emails & Attachments Search Results:

There are three views available for each message. Search results are sorted by date range by default, starting with the most recent result first.

Text View - The text view is the text surrounding the search term,

Original View - Original view is the entire email viewed as if the message were in the email client, such as Outlook or GroupWise.

Expand All Headers - Expand All Headers will allow you to display more detailed information for each message. This will show you SMTP headers and X-Arc.

Screenshot - Search results - Message views

Files Search Results

(Only if file archiving is enabled) There is only one view for file, a snippet of the file's body. If the search engine finds matching results in the body of a file, the matching search term is highlighted in the body of the file.
The file type and complete file path are displayed the headers.

Screenshot - Search Results - File view



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