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Search Results - Saving A New Search
Posted by Rob Chidester on 02 July 2014 07:11 PM



You can edit an already created search with new search criteria and then save it as a new search to keep the previously created search and create a new search based on the edited search.

Steps to follow

        1- Open an already created search that you want to edit.

Open the search from the dashboard under "Recent Searches".

Or, open the search from the "Saved Searches" page (after clicking on "View all searches" under the "Recent Searches" on the dashboard). From this page, click on "Edit" to directly edit the search without opening the search results page.

        2- If you opened the search from the "Recent Searches" on the dashboard, click on "Edit Search to Generate New Results" in the search results page.

        3- Edit the search with the desired criteria.
        4- Click on "Save as a new search". When you are done editing a search, click on "Save a new search" instead of clicking on "Save and display results" or "Save and return to list".

        5- Name the new search and save it. A window will pop up asking you to name the new search you are creating. Once the new search has been named, click "OK" to finalize the process and access the results.

The results of the newly created search will be displayed.

The results of the new search can be edited at will to created new and saved new searches.

The new created search will appear on the dashboard under "Recent Searches"

Or in the "Saved Searches" if you click on "View all searches" on the dashboard, under "Recent Searches". 


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