***IMPORTANT*** - Intel Security End of Life Update
Posted by Carlos R on 20 October 2016 07:59 PM

As of October 18th, 2016 we will be adding notifications to the header of the Control Console and the Spam Reports which are sent out by our service. These messages will be displayed for several months on the lead up to the end of life for monthly SaaS customers on January 11, 2017. 

Example control console message:

Example Spam Report message:

Please note that Spam Reports are potentially generated for all of your users, and there will likely be end-users who see this notification. Intel Security has chosen to be aggressive with our messaging in the lead-up to the end of life of this product; as such, there is no option to remove or disable these messages.

For further information on products affected by end-of-life, please see the following KB article: https://kc.mcafee.com/corporate/index?page=content&id=KB85897

Thank you,
Intel Security
SaaS Email and Web Protection Technical Support

ERROR: This domain name does not match domain registered in the license key file (cms.orlinpilot.com), allowed domains: support.excelmicro.com,localhost, please change the product path to match the domain under Admin CP > Settings > General Settings
This product will not work properly unless untill that value is changed.

For more information please contact Kayako support at https://my.kayako.com