How to Create a group, and attach it to a New Policy
Posted by on 11 March 2014 12:14 PM

Step 1 - How to Create a New Group

1.      Login to the Control Console
2.     Click Account Management
3.     Select Groups
4.     Click New
5.     Enter a name for the group in the Group Name text box
6.     Enter an optional description in the Description text box
7.     Click Save
8.     Select the group and click Edit to begin adding members to the group
9.     Click the Members tab
10.   In the Available Users section, select those users you want to add to the group
11.   Click Add
12.   Click Apply

Step 2 -   How to Create Additional Inbound /Outbound Policies

1.     Login to the Control Console
2.     Click Email Protection
3.     Click Policies
4.     Select New
5.     Enter a descriptive name for the new group in the Name: text box
6.     Select the priority of the policy (1 being highest)
7.     Enter a description for the new group in the Description: text box
8.     Choose the appropriate direction in the Direction: pick list (Inbound SMTP or Outbound SMTP)
9.     Select the owner of the group (Customer = Customer Administrator, Group = Group Administrator)
10.   Choose an existing policy to copy data from for use in the new policy using the Copy From: pick list (choose the policy that will allow for the least amount of changes necessary to set up the new policy to save time)
11.   Select any of the applicable information to copy from the policy using the check boxes available
     a.     Copy Sender Allow List will preserve the Sender Allow list in the newly created policy
     b.     Copy Sender Deny List will preserve the Sender Deny list in the newly created policy
     c.     Copy Recipient Shield List will preserve the Recipient Shield list in the newly created policy
     d.     Copy ClickProtect Allow List will preserve the ClickProtect Allow list in the newly created policy
12.   Click Save
13.   Highlight the newly created policy in the policy list and click Edit
14.   Make any changes to the various components of the new policy as needed and be sure to associate any group needed to the new policy
15.   Allow 15 for the changes to take effect


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