Message Quarantined/Denied With ‘message in error’ in Non Delivery Report/Message Audit Detail
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Message Quarantined/Denied With ‘message in error’ in Non Delivery Report/Message Audit Detail




If a message was quarantined or denied showing spam content keyword: message in error in the Non Delivery Report (NDR) or in the Message Audit detail this would be an indication that the message was acted on by the McAfee SaaS Graymail filter.


More Information about Graymail Filtering

Graymail is email that you may have subscribed to in the past but no longer want to receive. Since graymail is technically not spam, the filter is off by default. Some users will enjoy the reduced inbox clutter that comes with graymail filtering while other uses will find it too aggressive and may report false positives. Therefore, it is important that users understand the impact of graymail filtering and are able to opt out. Unless added to the allow list, graymail senders will be blocked and should not be submitted as false positives.


Examples of graymail include:

  • Newsletters from business partners
  • Advertisements from legitimate retailers
  • Event reminders from professional organizations


The graymail filter is designed to be aggressive and may, in some cases, block more mail than desired. Careful consideration should be given when activating this feature.


When a message is quarantined or denied as graymail, the message audit log will show the error

Detail: spam content policy violation; spam content keyword:


and the keyword string will display a message such as

message in error will be given.




Subject: Your friendly newsletter

Size:299 KB





Spam Score:1.0

Timestamp     Event

2012-11-28 11:17:47 MST    Recipient Disposition: [250 Deferred; Mode: normal; Queued: no; Frontend TLS: yes; SPF: None]

2012-11-28 11:17:47 MST    Message Disposition: [250 OK (Mode: normal); Backend TLS: n/a; Backend IP: n/a; Policy Set: Default Inbound]

2012-11-28 11:17:47 MST    Detail: spam content policy violation; spam content keyword: message in error; action: quarantine





You can also verify a message in quarantine was quarantined as Graymail by opening the message in quarantine.


The Status field will display Message quarantined by Spam keyword module and list the keyword string such as message in error.




From :

To :

Subject :                Complimentary Guide to the 113th Congress

Date :     11/28/2012 11:08 MST

Status :   Message quarantined by Spam keyword module (due to content: ' message in error ')

ERROR: This domain name does not match domain registered in the license key file (, allowed domains:,localhost, please change the product path to match the domain under Admin CP > Settings > General Settings
This product will not work properly unless untill that value is changed.

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