What is ClickProtect and how can it be Set Up
Posted by on 10 June 2014 05:18 PM
How do I set up and configure the ClickProtect feature in Email Protection?

The ClickProtect subtab lets you configure whether Web hyperlinks received in emails can be clicked and accessed by the user or denied and blocked. You can also designate an Allow List of URLs that are excluded from the ClickProtect processing (for example, your corporate URLs).

ClickProtect only processes links in emails with accepted message formats, which include HTML or Rich Text.

To set values for ClickProtect:

  1. Click one of the options for ClickProtect:
    Disable ClickProtect Disables this feature completely and allows users to click and access Web hyperlinks in the emails without logging information in the system.
    Display warning message before redirecting Displays a dialog box with a customizable warning message. Users can then either stop the click-through process or continue to the Web site.
    Display warning message and deny click-throughs Displays a dialog box with a customizable warning message and does not allow users to continue with the click-through process.
  2. If you clicked one of the last two options above, customize the text in theWarning Message text box. You can also leave the default text if desired
  3. Use the Allow URL field to add URL addresses to the list. The items in theClickProtect Allow List box will be excluded from the ClickProtect processing, therefore allowing users to click on hyperlinks in emails with no warning or redirection

    The following values are allowed in list entries:

    IP Address Type a complete IP Address. (for example, or partial address with wild cards (for example, 10.10.10.*).
    URL Type a complete URL, The following list provides some examples of allowable URLs:
    • www.example.com
    • *.com
    • www.*.com


    The following are not accepted in URLs - http://, slashes, IP addresses.
  4. Click Add ». The value is added to the list box
  5. (This step is only available to certain user roles, when a user-defined policy set is selected.) If you want to include the values listed for the Default Inbound policy set, select the check box located beneath the list
  6. Click More Options... Additional fields are displayed
  7. To upload a file with a predefined list of URLs, click Browse... next to theUpload List field. When you have located and selected the file, click Upload Allow List. The contents are added to the ClickProtect Allow List box above. The predefined list must be in the following format:
    • Must be a text file
    • One entry per line
    • File must be available for your browser to access
    • Do not exceed the maximum number 200
  8. Finally, if you want to download the list to your local drive, click Download ClickProtect Allow List. It downloads the list to a file in CSV format and can be opened in Microsoft Excel

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This product will not work properly unless untill that value is changed.

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