How to create / upload New Users using Batch
Posted by Carlos R on 11 June 2014 01:03 PM

Add new users via batch command -

How to Create New Email Addresses Using Batch Mode Creation

Batch creation mode allows you to create multiple user accounts by either entering multiple email addresses or uploading a predefined .txt or .csv file containing a list of the new email addresses, user names and optional alias email addresses.

Following are the rules for creating multiple user accounts using a batch file:
- All email accounts and alias email addresses must be unique within Account Management
- All new accounts will be created with the role of User
- All the accounts added in the same batch will use the same user-level policy configurations that are defined in this window
- For security reasons, all new accounts added using this method will not have passwords assigned (passwords will be set to a null value)

How to Create a Batch File
1. Open a text editor, such as Notepad, or a spreadsheet editor, such as Microsoft Excel, to create your file of addresses
2. Enter the primary email address of the user, followed by a comma. Enter a UserName for the user, followed by a comma. Enter the alias email address of the user, followed by a comma (see example 1). If you do not wish to assign a user name, you must still use commas to specify that the user name field should be blank (see example 2).

Example 1 (with user name):,jsmith,
Example 2 (without user name):,, (note the double commas in the middle)

Note: There are no spaces before or after the commas.

3. Press the Enter key or an equivalent key to create a hard return and start a new line/row in the file.
4. Create one line of addresses per user. Email addresses must be unique. Valid and invalid characters are as follows:

Valid Characters Invalid Characters
Alphanumeric characters (A-Z and/or 0-1) Spaces at the beginning, middle, or end of the user account name
Hyphen ( - ) Comma ( , )
Single apostrophe ( ' ) Double quotes ( " )
Ampersand ( & ) Left arrow ( < )
Plus sign ( + ) Right arrow ( > )
Hash sign ( # ) Semi-colon ( ; )

5. Save the file to your computer’s hard drive with a filename of your choice. The file size can be up to 100 KB
6. In the Control Console, click Account Management.
7. Click Users
8. Click New
9. From the Creation Mode drop-down list under Create Users, select Batch. The New Users window changes to show batch creation fields
10. Click the Browse button. Search for and select the file you just created.
11. Click Upload
12. Complete the remaining fields
13. Click Save

The primary email, user name, and alias email addresses will populate into the appropriate columns and the service will identify in red those user accounts that were not created after the Upload button has been selected. If there were problems with the creation of any user accounts, details can be seen by clicking the More Details link.

Signing In After Creation

Because passwords are not assigned to user accounts created using this window, the user must have any of the following occur in order to sign into the Control Console for the first time:
- Receive a Spam Quarantine Report and click a command link in it. (Once in the Control Console, the user can define a password.)
- Request a new password using the Lost Password window
- An Administrator manually defines a password

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