Sonian: View Archive Release Update - Starting 9th August
Posted by Carlos Rios on 08 August 2018 12:21 PM

Sonian will be performing maintenance releases on the View Archive Platform starting 9th August.

In this release is a number of minor bug fixes as well as a lot of background activities that improve stability of some of the services and efficiency.

Our schedule for the deployment is:
1. Rack US - 09/Aug/18 9:00 AM ET (Thursday) 
2. AU - 09/Aug/18 10:00 AM ET (Thursday)
3. EU - 13/Aug/18 2:00 PM ET (Monday)
4. US - 14/Aug/18 8:30 AM ET (Tuesday)

During deployment, the effect to the customers using the application will be minimal, with the exception of where the web services will be restarted, causing any users to have to log back onto the application. No other downtime is envisaged with this release.

The online release notes can be found here


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Sonian Alert: Microsoft Office 365 TLS Configuration
Posted by Carlos R on 10 December 2016 01:31 AM

Sonian Update: 12/12/2016

We have validated a change on our systems against O365 settings and have positive results.   We have deployed this change to Excel Micro accounts over the weekend. This change is now in place and any pending messages will be delivered. If there are any customers with pending messages please let us know.


Sonian has received reports from some customers that if their TLS configuration for journaling to Sonian is set at the strictest level in O365 it may lead to journal queuing and eventual non-deliverables.  It appears that a change on the O365 TLS validation was made earlier in the week.  No change was made on the Sonian side.  The Sonian certificates are valid but the configuration is failing a certificate validation check.

We encourage you to reach out to your customers to confirm the following connector TLS change:

We will keep you updated when the permanent solution is in place.



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ERROR: This domain name does not match domain registered in the license key file (, allowed domains:,localhost, please change the product path to match the domain under Admin CP > Settings > General Settings
This product will not work properly unless untill that value is changed.

For more information please contact Kayako support at